Mikaila Simone Mack is a multi-talented artist and spiritual practitioner. She provides Astrology readings with a focus on artistic development and opens herself up to expression in all creative forms. To Mikaila, the spiritual journey forms and influences every bit of her creative journey. She was born to live, breathe, and create art. From birth, her mission on Earth has been to light up the world of the people she comes in contact with through her strong artistic abilities. From teaching astrology, to performing,   jewelry-making,  to photography, and writing, Mikaila feels the most comfortable when she’s making pieces and giving readings that help herself and others to discover a deeper sense of their own existence. She is a focused and dedicated individual who strives to discover the heights and depths of all of her creative and spiritual abilities. Join Mikaila as she becomes the first artist to reach for the stars and surpass them all. You won’t want to miss it!

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